Sunshine Sherb (Certified Organic)

By Tier 1

Sweet and fresh with a punget finish, Sunshine Sherbet is a berry amazing strain.

  • Category: Indica
  • CBD: <1
  • THC: 22- 25%

More about Sunshine Sherb (Certified Organic)

Derived from the similar, dessert-themed strain of Girl Scout Cookies and the peculiarly named Pink Panties strain, Sunshine Sherbert is a bright and jubilant indica-dominant that’s smooth and delicate. Its vibrant, spring-green and purple-hued buds contain scents of ripe citrus fruits, with musty and skunky undertones. On the palate, its sweet and fruity flavours coat the mouth and leave you in want of another serving.

Aromas: Skunky, Musty, Citrus, Berry, Fruity

  • Tier 1
  • Low
  • 22 -25%| 220 - 250 mg/g
  • 0 -1% | 0 - 10 mg/g
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