Mint Choko Chip (Certified Organic)

By Tier 1

Complex yet balanced, Mint Choko Chip’s is a 50/50 balancd hybrid that capitalizes on flavours of refreshing mint, earthy chocolate and aromatic herbs.

  • Category: Hybrid
  • CBD: <1
  • THC: 24- 28%

More about Mint Choko Chip (Certified Organic)

Mint Choko Chip is a balanced hybrid of sativa and indica. Mint Choko Chip’s THC content has been measured at levels ranging from 24% to 28%.

Trimmed flowers of Mint Choko Chip impress with a large, distinctly tapered shape, resembling miniature pine trees. The inner makeup of the buds leans more indica, with all leaves curling closely inward to form a solid core. The leaves are short and wide, and come in an array of mossy green. Curly orange pistils and translucent trichomes finish off these eye-catching flowers.

Properly cured, Mint Choko Chip’s flowers emit a sweet herbal aroma that may bring to mind eucalyptus or potpourri. A closer whiff detects notes of mint, though these lean more toward tangy menthol rather than mint chocolate chip ice cream, as its name suggests. Breaking up or grinding these flowers, gives off a pungent skunky odor.

  • Tier 1
  • Strong
  • 24 -28%
  • 0 -1%
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