Live Resin Caviar

By Premium 5

Single strain input from fresh, flash-frozen flower encapsulates flavours of tart lemon, juicy citrus, and bold pine. Honey gold, our Live Resin Caviar extracts, retains, and preserves as much of the plant’s original terpene profile as possible to deliver an experience that’s evocative of the premium flower we grow and cultivate.

  • Category: Extracts
  • CBD: <1
  • THC: 75- 85%
  • Terpenes: 4-7% high terpene profile

More about Live Resin Caviar

Our Live Resin Caviar is a carefully crafted concentrate that earned it’s name from it’s striking resemblance to caviar. We select only the most flavorful and aromatic plants available. We use tested and controlled methods to squeeze out every ounce of goodness.

Looking for that extra jolt to the start of your day? With effects that will leave you alert and focused yet stress free, Premium 5’s Live Resin Caviar is the perfect strain to tune down the boredom of any mundane activity or enhance an already exciting experience.

  • Premium 5
  • Low
  • 75 -85%
  • 0 -1%
  • 628242302005
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