Lemon Skitz

By Peers

Pucker up – Lemon Zkittle’s sweet and sour citrus taste will soon be your main squeeze!

  • Category: Indica
  • CBD: <1
  • THC: 17- 24%
  • Terpenes: Alpha Pinene (0.1855%), Caryophyllene (0.1476%), Humulene (a-caryophyllene) (0.1476%), Myrcene (0.1143%)

More about Lemon Skitz

Lemon Skitz encompasses a juicy citrus and lemon tart that take over for this smooth and mellow tasting indica-dominant hybrid. With resinous lumpy nugs resembling the fruit itself, Lemon Zkittles’ sharp and sour taste will have you puckering up for more of its delectable flavours. Our proprietary curing process is the key to enhancing and preserving the terpene characteristic profiles for a smooth and flavorful smoke.

  • Peers
  • Medium
  • 17 -24%
  • 0 -1%
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